An Epic Pinball Adventure


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Rewards: 4–5 Star Exclusive Ticket

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Rewards Challenge

Get rewards when the below pre-registration goals are achieved! Be sure to invite your friends to reach the goals quicker.
These rewards stack, and they will be automatically sent to your account during the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of World Flipper!

  • Complete 100,000
    4-Star Arisa

    4-Star Arisa

  • Complete 300,000
    200 Lodestar Beads

    200 Lodestar Beads

  • Complete 500,000
    500 Lodestar Beads

    500 Lodestar Beads

  • Complete 800,000
    800 Lodestar Beads

    800 Lodestar Beads

  • Current Goal 1,000,000
    1,000 Lodestar Beads

    1,000 Lodestar Beads

A link's been established.
Come on! The next world is waiting!

It all started when the coming together of two lost souls caused a shift in the cosmos,
and all the planets revealed themselves in their full splendor...

A boy and a girl met in a forgotten village, a mote of dust lost in an infinite sky.
He couldn't remember his past, and she couldn't picture her future.

For a while, they dwelt together in peace and friendship,
until fate struck like a bolt of lightning, bringing with it power that would change their lives forever.

That power came in the form of Light, once a great champion from a distant world, now transformed into a rabbit-like creature.
He was being pursued by agents of the Dark Throne.
As if to rouse the boy and girl to fight back against that malignant force, the village shifted and rumbled.
Then the girl spoke the following words:

"World Flipper activated."

So goes the prologue of a worlds-spanning epic about one boy, one girl, and one small animal.

Character Introductions

Meet the units you'll be plunging into adventure with.