Events Sep 11. 2023

Autumnal Co-Op Battle Boost Campaign


Greetings, Adventurers!


What’s better than fighting a terrifying boss with someone at your side? 


Getting rewarded for it, of course! Not only have we added a new mission for you, but we are also giving out 3,000 Lodestar Beads to 100 randomly picked winners daily during the promo period!

But wait, there’s more! If we reach 1 million Co-Op Battles across all regions during this promo period, every player will be given 1,500 Lodestar Beads! 


So join the fight now!



Autumnal Co-Op Battle Boost Campaign


Promo Period

  • September 12 after maintenance – September 22, 11:59 (UTC)

Promo Details

  • A mission asking players to clear 3 Co-Op Battles will be added on a daily basis to the [Home] > [Mission] > [Events] tab and a Limited-Time Staminade Swig will be given when the mission is cleared. 
  • During the promo period, 3,000 Lodestar Beads will be given out to 100 players each day, making for a total of 1,100 randomly selected players.
    • Event rewards will be given out in 3 separate rounds, please see below for each round schedule
    • 1st Reward (Selected players for event days 1-4): Sept 18th(Mon)
    • 2nd Reward (Selected players for event days 5-8): Sept 21st(Thu)
    • 3rd Reward (Selected players for event days 9-11): Sept 25th(Mon)
  • If the accumulated number of Co-Op Battles cleared during the promo period reaches 1 million across all regions, 1,500 Lodestar Beads will be given to all players across regions.
    • Promo achievement progress will be announced in future announcements.


  • You will need to clear Main Quest Chapter 1, Stage 4-2 to participate in this promo.
  • Event missions will be reset every day at 20:00 UTC.
  • Players will be informed when the winner selection has happened in future announcements, along with any further information. The names of winning players will not be made public. The winner selection notice will simply serve as a notice that Lodestar Beads have been distributed to winners. 
  • The Limited-Time Staminade Swig must be used by October 11, 19:59 UTC.  
  • You must check [Mail] to receive your gift for the day.
  • Please check [Menu] > [Item Log] if you cannot find your gift.
  • Promo details may be subject to change without prior notice.


Thank you,

World Flipper Team